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If you follow me on twitter, you will know that I was out with some food bloggers tonight. While I'd love to share with you the smell of the all-you-can-eat mussels at Bungalow 8 (which I will eventually blog about), i have something more pleasant and actually very comforting and exciting to share with you.

That's right, believe your eyes. I was sent this bottle of aromatherapy oil which smells exactly like freshly baked pastries. Now this is something I would love as perfume or even a room air freshener. What's better than the soothing smell of freshly baked goodies? And guess which company has diversified into aromatheraphy? None other than McDonald's McCafe! Smelt first by their test kitchen bakers, I am tonight sniffing this stuff up!

Who would have thought it were possible?

McCafe - Essential Oil ad
McCafé's baking aromas are now on sale!

My bottle of McCafe baked fresh daily essential oil
My very own bottle of oven fresh aromatherapy oil

The Essential Oil will be available online at www.mcdonalds.com.au for an initial trial period before becoming a regular item of demand is strong. What are your thoughts?

[Edited: 01/04/2009]

OK OK, Happy April Fools Day! Did I fool anyone? ;)

While I did receive the deliciously scented oil (directions stated it was for sniffing only, no burning and definitely not for applying on skin), it was an Aprils Fools gift which coincided with McCafe's launch of freshly baked pastries today.



Um....I've heard about baking fresh bread to make a house seem more homey, but this is ridiculous Jen.

bizarre, to say the least!

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